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What I learnt from school?

This topic was always on my mind. A lengthy post, which much deserves a space here.

Two years of kindergarten, ten years to finish the high school and two years of higher secondary before entering the university for the bachelor’s, on the whole fourteen years in the school.

Many times I have thought, why do we spend so much time, energy and money in school?

I never used algebra nor trigonometry anywhere in my life except in the exam hall. All I needed in my life was some addition, subtraction and multiplication.

I never used those complex chemical equations anywhere. All I needed was to know the salt, sugar, spices and their combinations.

I never used complex functionality of motors or electricity. Life was as simple as ON/OFF. Thanks to the user manuals.

I never had to sit and research about the world wars nor the geography. Thanks to Google maps and wiki.

I never used those complex words I learnt in my language classes. When you live in a country where English is not so widely spoken language, you will understand to keep your dictionary as simple as possible.

When I thought for days over the subject, I got my answers! What did I really take from school?

Everyday I had learnt to wake up around the same time. I had my breakfast, lunch and dinner every day almost at the same time. I went to bed at the same time, every night. Exercise – Yes, I went to school in a bicycle. MY BIOLOGICAL CLOCK HAD BEEN TUNED FOR YEARS!

I had learnt to be on time to school, have a shower everyday, keep my nails clean, polish my shoes, wear clean uniforms, not to wear a smelly socks, keep my books neat, keep my bag neatly arranged, follow the time table and much more. NOW I KNOW DISCIPLINE CANNOT BE TAUGHT OVERNIGHT!

I had learnt to greet people – remember that good morning miss?, to respect elders – didn’t we stand up when the teacher walked inside the classroom?, to make friends – those re-opening days after summer vacation!, to help – there was always a friend who needed a sharpener or eraser? to ask for help – there were days when you forgot to fill ink in your pen? BEHAVIOUR, SOMETHING FOR LIFETIME?

Learn the language, it helps to communicate with clarity and confidence. Learn algebra and trigonometry they are not complex than life’s riddles. Learn Chemistry, it’s a trailer before you learn the combination of spices and start cooking. Learn physics, it helps to use the dish washer and microwave with sense. Learn biology, it helps to know the body better!

To keep it simple our brains have been trained for fourteen years in school to make life easier for the rest of the years.
It’s not the books but the experience, that comes with us! Now I know what I learnt from my school 🙂


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