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Birthday 2009!!

Hey all!! A BIG HI to all!!

Sorry for taking so long to update!! Thanks a lot for all of you who spared few moments on 10th for me!! I had a wonderful birthday.. Every year my birthday has been something special and this year it was nothing less!! Only thing i was worried about was my age, that was really very unusual from my side!! I’ve never bothered about the age factor in the past 22 yrs!!

I would like to thank and pass on a big bear hug to a bunch of people , the list includes : Cg, Sound, Hari anna, Aishu, Suganya, sajeev anna n anni, Hem, Kums, Prem, Barani, Sarath, Poooja, Vijay, Revs, Rajeev, Cletus, Chuch, d list goes on n on!! Thanks a lot dears n dearys!! 🙂 I had a real gud time!!

Coming to the special part of this birthday!! It was from my students side!! I never knew that they loved me soooo much!! I was immersed in the sphere of their luv!! By all possible ways that they knw, like decoring the boards n classrooms, singing birthday songs, bring their home made cards n gifts, their hand shooks n kisses!!! Wow!! I could just not explain it!! Being amongst 360 beautiful hearts that really wished me a happy yr ahead, was a real bliss!! 🙂 Life is always made beautiful by someone or the other! :)..

Luv u all!! <hug>..



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